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Our experience with Holiday World has been one of the most painful, expensive, time consuming ordeals of our lives. The worst for us, however, is that it has also significantly compromised my wife’s health.

We want you to know our story so you can make a better choice than we did when you select an RV dealer. We were thrilled to buy a new 2017 Newmar Dutch Star in February—and the buying experience was great fun. Everything after that day has felt like dealer-induced disaster. Standard service failures include all the expected culprits: parts not ordered, warranty work not being completed as promised, failure to return calls, having to make an unplanned and time-consuming trip to another dealer for repairs that should have been caught in their walk-through, etc.

What catalyzed the spiral to disaster for us was: 1) not keeping the coach plugged in during what was to be week-long warranty work, despite having promised to do so both verbally and in writing, which caused a refrigerator and freezer full of food to thaw and spoil; 2) using chemical agents to ineffectively attempt to clean up the melt down and overwhelming smell of rot; and 3) filling our new coach with over 100 MOTHBALLS and sending us off with no knowledge of their presence. The coach reeked, but when we asked if all chemical agents were out of the coach we were told, “Yes.” It felt like our home and a major investment was ruined, but we stayed hopeful that Holiday World was right about it just needing airing. (If you’ve ever smelled a closet after a few mothballs have been placed in it, you can imagine how 100 or more mothballs in a motor home is enough to have you feeling asphyxiated!) Believing we were dealing with odor, however, and not the mothballs themselves—and no longer trusting Holiday World of Katy with the motor home—we spent 3 days airing it and using every kind of odor absorbing material we could think to use. On the 4th day we discovered the mothballs in our HVAC system.

When we opened the vents across the length of the coach it was like a hail storm. We were furious, but believed we had finally turned the corner on finding the source of the odor. To make a very long story as short as possible, over the next 6 days we discovered mothballs in our medicine cabinet, food pantry, in crevices near our bed, in cabinets, crushed across every inch of our slide outs, and beside our refrigerator. Later we discovered evidence that they had been in our refrigerator contaminating the food we were ingesting as well.

When it was clear that my wife’s resulting health issues had reached an intolerable level, we told Holiday World we were done. The EPA confirmed that it was both toxic and illegal for the mothballs to have been used. My wife’s doctor called it a massive toxic exposure. We’ve invested about $2,000 out of pocket for just the first round of treatment and follow-up for her.

We were hopeful that once she was out of the toxic environment she would heal up, yet there is some indication that this has triggered lupus and she’s had several health set-backs over the last two months. We are now in the process of getting her into the Mayo Clinic. And Holiday World of Katy? We thought we reached one agreement and they reneged on it.

We then thought we reached another agreement, and even had a new coach on order because they said a replacement for our 2017 coach didn’t exist, but over a week later they sent a document we had never discussed with a complete waiver of any future liability for my wife’s health and a confidentiality provision. And they now say they won’t offer any compensation if we don’t sign it. It would be in all of our best interest if there were no long-term health impacts, but this hardly feels like a responsible way to do business.

It does follow the trend of our experience with them—broken promises, “reset” conversations so we’re willing to give it another try, and then more broken promises. We encourage you to find another RV dealer!

Product or Service Mentioned: 2017 Newmar Dutch Star Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It is undeniable that RV Dealerships are successful at salesand little else. As a full time RV'er I've had several experiences with Dealers and all of which have been bad.

Service departments and Techs lack knowledge and even worse they don't seem to care. Service is the weak link in the RV industry.

Almost all discussions with other owners revolve around poor service. It's time the Industry takes time to solve an ever growing problem.

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