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In January I purchased a 2015 Fleetwood Bounder for over $100,000. I was aware of a safety recall in effect for a defective auxiliary battery tray and made arrangements at the advice of Fleetwood to have it repaired by HW-Katy (their certified service center).

It was supposed to be a one-hour job but ended up taking approximately one month. When I went to pick up the vehicle I discovered that the electric steps - which, coincidentally, sit right above the auxiliary battery tray and were in perfect working order when I dropped it off on 5/19 - were not working. Needless to say, I left the vehicle with their promise to fix it asap. That was two weeks ago.

One week ago I called the service rep and was told that the necessary part had finally arrived, that the repair would be done the next day and that the RV should be available for me to pick up on Friday or Saturday (6/22 or 6/23) at the latest. Then yesterday I received a call from the service manager saying the work has not yet been done, that my service rep was about to be leaving his job, and that he (the manager) was looking into the situation to determine if HW was actually responsible for the secondary damage and liable for the repairs. Today I called Fleetwood's customer service department hoping to get an advocate for my situation. They took all the info and said they would speak with HW, but cautioned me that they certainly would not be taking responsibility for my broken steps, even though my vehicle would never have been there at HW had it not been for Fleetwood's defective manufacturing in the first place.

My obvious concern (and expectation) is that HW will make up some excuse for the broken steps and say it is not their fault, and Fleetwood will do nothing. And as I am not an RV mechanic, how on earth will I be able to argue?

So here we are, 6 months after acquiring this vehicle, it has been in the shop for nearly one-third of that time and parked for the other two-thirds while I was waiting for a service opening to deal with Fleetwood's defect. Just magical.

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You bought a 4 years old vehicle. It is used.

Maybe abused. How would you know ? The only thing you can't do is make it new again. Not going to happen.


Since you're not a mechanic, anything you say or suppose is subject to question. RV's are concoctions put together by several subcontractors who love to pass the buck come trouble time.

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