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I have now purchased 2 RV’s from Holiday World of Katy. Most recently, I took delivery of a 2018 Keystone Cougar fifth wheel in July of 2017. While the sales department did a reasonably good job in front of the sale, the service department has been and continues to be truly deplorable.

Let me explain the latest fiasco. My wife and I took a 5000 mile round trip to Niagara Falls arriving home on May 3rd. The last 3 nights of our trip we were without cable TV. When this occurred, I tried to self-diagnose the problem without success. I called the office of the KOA that we were staying at to see if it was their problem. They brought out a portable TV and hooked it up to their cable outlet and it worked fine. So the problem was in our unit somewhere.

Upon our return, I called Holiday World of Katy and was told that the first available appointment would be June 14th. So I waited the 5 plus weeks and brought it in on the morning of the 14th. The Service Advisor wrote it up and I was off. After several weeks I attempted to get a hold of the advisor or someone in service. Three times I called with no one answering, so I left voice mail messages. No response. I emailed the advisor twice. No response. Finally, someone answered the phone and said that she would have him call me. He did call and told me that they had not looked at it yet. This was 4 weeks after my appointment. Another week went by and I received a call from the advisor stating that the technician could find no problem. When I asked if I could come down and confirm that in fact the cable was working, I was told that they do not have cable access. In other words, there was no way for me to see if the technician was correct or not.

After talking with several advisors, I was advised that I could pick up the unit on 7/26/2018. I was told again that there was no problem with the cable, and as a result I was charged $74.50 for the time that they spent on the problem. When I attempted to leave, I found that I could not connect the Anderson hitch because Holiday World used a ball and fork lift to move the unit. This caused the pin in the Anderson connection to become bent and would not operate. After 2 hours a technician drilled and filed enough so that the pin would operate. In the meantime, the Service Manager came out with NO apologies, but rather informed me that if I ever brought this unit back in for any kind of service, I would either need to remove the Anderson connection before coming in or leave my truck so that they could use it to move my unit around. After this, he turned and walked away. WOW!!! What great public relations. By the way, I purchased the Anderson hitch and accessories from Holiday World when I purchased the fifth wheel.

I finally left, totally disgusted and angry, and went to an RV park nearby to test my cable TV. Surprise! Surprise! Cable still not working. So, I waited 5 weeks for an appointment, and then nearly 7 weeks to be told that I didn’t have a problem which I still have. Plus, I’m $74.50 out of pocket!!

I will be contacting Keystone to let them know of my experience and to find another dealer where I can hopefully receive some credible service.

Additionally, I plan to place this online so that others can be aware of what kind of potential problems they may have.

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